Glasgow Pest Control

If you’re looking for the best pest control service Glasgow has to offer then look no further than

We are a local Glasgow based firm specialising in pest control for domestic and commercial customers. We are experts in rodent, insect, and bird control.

We have over a decades experience in eradicating pests and vermin from all over Glasgow.

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Why Glasgow Pest Control?

We are fully insured and our technicians have 10 years + experience in fixing problems in homes and business. We are local as well and our technicians are Glasgow born and bred. When you call us you will speak to a Glasgow based pest controller and not call centre staff which makes the whole process of fixing your problem that much faster.

As a local company, our prices are much cheaper than what other larger firms charge without any compromise on service quality.

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Rat Or Mouse Control

We exterminate rats from homes and business all year round. Whether it’s 1 rat or hundred we’ve got you covered.

Mice are very common in Glasgow’s old tenements. We have many methods and techniques for treating mice effectively and affordably.

Squirrel control

Grey squirrels are a common intruder in lofts all around Glasgow. We can expertly catch and remove your squirrels for you using our expert knowledge of squirrel biology and behaviour.

Bedbug control

Bedbugs are horrible problem to have in your home. We are experts in chemical and heat treatment of bedbug infestations. We use some of the best insecticide formulations legally available to professionals to get quick and long-lasting eradication of your bedbugs.

Flea control

Fleas can be difficult to remove once they become established in your home. This is due to multiple reasons such as a stage in their lifecycle called the pupal stage which makes them very resistant to chemical treatment as well their ability to go into diapause when a property is vacant. We can expertly treat your fleas for you.

Beetle control

Beetles make up 40% of all known species of insects in the world. It’s no wonder they can be found in homes and businesses throughout Glasgow. Carpet beetles, Dermestes beetles, weevils, biscuit beetles and woodworm are all common species of beetle we treat in homes.

Wasp control

If you need a wasps nest destroyed then we are hands down the best and most affordable wasp nest treatment service in Glasgow by far. Our prices start from £30 for complete wasps nest destruction.

Ant control

We can get rid of pesky ants in your home in a jiffy using our extra strong chemical treatments which are also much safer than diy chemicals. We also have good experience in dealing with different species of ants be they exotic ants like pharaohs ants or native ones such as common black garden ants.

Moth control

Clothes moths are very common in Glasgow and must cost thousands of pounds every year in damaged carpets, furniture and clothing. We have expert knowledge and methods for eliminating this pest at unbeatable prices.

Bird control

We are experts at bird spiking and netting solutions. We can also assess your problem and advise on the best solutions available for managing your bird problem.

If you don’t see your problem mentioned above then don’t worry there is a high probability that we have experience in resolving the problem.

Just give us a call on 0141 266 0243 and we’ll do our best to help you.

Areas We Cover


Southside of Glasgow

We have extensive experience in resolving pest problems in the southside of Glasgow. From Tradeston and kinning park to shawlands we’ve been there before and have extensive local knowledge of what problems are common in these areas.

Glasgow west end

We do a fair bit of pest control in the west end of Glasgow regularly. The areas around great western road, Byres road, Dumbarton road and Maryhill road are quite common places you will find us working to eliminate rats and mice from homes and businesses.

Glasgow north

We can fix any pest problems you have in the north of Glasgow quickly and effectively. Be it in possilpark or springburn. Our solutions are quick and affordable for most pest problems.

East end of Glasgow

The east end of Glasgow has changed a lot over the years. All that change has resulted in its own challenges from a pest control perspective. We provide fast and affordable pest control in all areas from Dennistoun to Bailieston to Easterhouse.

Glasgow city centre

The city centre of Glasgow is a busy place with a large quantity of food businesses and workplaces. If you have pest control issues then give us a call for quick and effective pest control.

Glasgow suburbs

If you live in the suburbs of Glasgow in areas like west Dumbartonshire, Renfrewshire, east Renfrewshire or south Lanarkshire we can still help. We travel to and from these areas all the time whilst working and would love to be able to assist your any queries or issues you may have.

For more information please call us on 0141 266 0243.